"Enfin, une planche a decouper digne de ce nom! La qualite du bois (erable) est excellente et en plus, Chef Bella la personalise selon vos souhaits."

("At last, a cutting board worthy of the name!  The quality of the wood (maple) is excellent and what's more, Chef Bella will personalize it as you wish!")

Nadine, France

"I am thrilled I have found this wonderful gift to give my clients!  Chef Bella Boards are very easy to order and the turnaround is very efficient."

Kim Teves, Remax

"Recently I received a gift that is now the best part of my kitchen.  It is a cutting board from Chef Bella Boards.  Inscribed with my name and the five couples I had the pleasure to marry, it is the best cutting board I have ever had.  The perfect size for a kitchen, easily cleaned, with a heightened surface that is just right for slicing, dicing, and chopping.  My parishoners know I love to cook, and now I can't imagine my kitchen without this wonderful cutting board!"

Father Zinno

"I absolutely love the boards and think they make an excellent house warming and closing gift. My clients have raved about them. I have even given them as gifts to my family."

Debbie Gold, Realtor

"Chef Bella Boards are works of art that can be used day in and day out. The craftsmanship that goes into every board and the personal touch that is added is something you cannot find easily today. Chef Bella Boards will give you that reliability you are looking for in a cutting board.  The size and quality you receive for the price, will be unmatched."

Benjamin Murray, Research and Development Chef

"Chef Bella Boards are my go to gift for Weddings.  The quality and usefulness of these boards along with the personalization is cherished!  I always hear from friends and family that it's the best gift received!"


"We love our Chef Bella Board, it's beautiful.  We love the thickness of it, and it adds character to our kitchen.  Thanks for the care instructions!!"

Shannon and Domenic D'Eramo